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Publish your updates in one two three
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Advanced board is your one-stop shop for press monitoring. Advanced board queries let you filter the exact messages you're searching for out of millions of articles.
Get instant real-time notifications if there are new results or choose for a daily digest
Automatically label all articles in your board to publish them right away in your live feed
Analyse the sentiment and audience reached of your queries
Advanced board queries
NewslettersCurate different newsstreams with our powerful newsletter editor. Easily share your multimedial newsletters with the consumers in your target audiences.
Add rich media content like video, images, featured articles and article lists
Brand your newsletters for a personalised reading experience
Easily share your newsletter to your readers via email or the mobile app
Live feedsCurate a newsstream simply by adding a label to a newsobject and it gets pushed right away to your readers.
24/7 real-time curated streams for your readers
Automatically populate your live feeds with the results from your advanced board queries
Live feeds
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Get started with Belga.pressJoin 1.000+ organisations already using to stay on top of the news. Discover our packages!
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Analyse the performance of your topics and create custom, branded reports.
Popular features
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Create custom, branded reports