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Content dating back to the mid 1990s
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Real-time updates from online channels (both before and behind the paywall), radio, television and Belga
Press is your one-stop shop for press monitoring. Don't miss a thing about what's being written about your organisation or sector with real-time, customisable notifications.
One solution for different media channels
Customisable search terms and topics
Curated newsfeeds about current topics and the latest news from Belga
AgendaFind out which press events will be covered by Belga’s teams, and be the first to get access to their freshly uploaded coverage.
Follow Belga’s own wide press event coverage as it happens
Access freshly uploaded coverage to stay ahead of the curve
Monitor activity in your industry or topics of choice
BelgaimageGet access to the largest photo & video archive of Belgium, with millions of digital photos that you can quickly and easily download.
Features breaking news, commercial, sports, entertainment & historic imagery - and more
More than 15.000 new images daily
All content is immediately available for high resolution download
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Get started with BelgapressJoin 2.000+ organisations already using Belgapress to stay on top of the news. Discover our packages!
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Get started with BelgapressJoin 2.000+ organisations already using Belgapress to stay on top of the news. Discover our packages!
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Analyse the performance of your topics and create custom, branded reports.
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Automated analysis of your topics
Analyse sentiment, reach, sources and more!
Create custom, branded reports
Reach your audience with insightful press releases & valuable newsrooms
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Send press releases to your intended audience
Create newsrooms for your brands
Monitor & improve performance with Insights
Monitor custom topics, categorise them and publish your own branded content.
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Custom queries to finetune news selection
Flexible newsletter creator
Instantly push articles via live feeds
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