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Belga News Agency, the main Belgian news provider for 100 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, fast, reliable and high-quality news from at home and abroad.
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Belga is proud to present its latest communication tool: Belga.press.Belga, which has just celebrated its 100th anniversary, stands for rapid, pertinent and objective reporting in words and images.

Belga.press brings together the content of all the Belgian news brands and gives you immediate access behind all paywalls, as commissioned by the Belgian publishers Mediahuis, Editions de l'Avenir, IPM, Mediafin, DPG Media, Rossel, VRT and Roularta Media Group.

Belga.press is the benchmark for organisations and companies when it comes to professional press monitoring and management. Belga.press is unique in that the users themselves can search the press database and use it to create and distribute press summaries, live feeds, etc. Furthermore, we provide the necessary licences through the management companies License2Publish and Copiepresse, so that you can share press content with third parties.

More than 20,000 journalists, politicians, spokespersons and other communication and documentation professionals currently work with Belga.press. In addition, we are suppliers to all the Flemish libraries and collaborate with the academic world to unlock the valuable press archive.